CBD Catnip


Emisha hemp CBD catnip is a fun way for cats to enjoy the experience and benefits of CBD. Made specifically for cats, our catnip is a great way to introduce CBD in a positive and familiar way.


How could we call ourselves an animal wellness company and forget about your favorite feline? We will never forget about your favorite feline! Just as our CBD dog treat is a fun way to deliver CBD, Emisha is excited to introduce our CBD catnip. Made just for cats. Enjoy!

Suggested Use: Although every feline is unique, we suggest starting with a pinch, up to ¼ teaspoon per use. We also suggest eating it to ensure the CBD is ingested.

Good to Know: After about 10 minutes, catnip becomes less effective and it will not produce a reaction again until your cat has had some time away from the catnip. We suggest using every other day and as needed.  





What is Broad Spectrum hemp?

Emisha’s hemp dog treats and oil tinctures (both animal & human tinctures) are made with broad spectrum, organically grown hemp. This means our products contain the full plant which includes cannabinoids, terpenes and other beneficial compounds. Broad spectrum is different than full spectrum in that it has THC removed. In fact, the hemp in our treats and oils are made with THC-Free certified hemp CBD. Many companies make hemp oil products that only contain hemp isolate, however, we believe providing the plant in its most natural form will allow the compounds to work together and delivery maximum benefits.

Does hemp CBD Oil Get You High?

Nope. Properly produced hemp oil from hemp does not contain THC in high enough concentrations to cause a high. Furthermore, Emisha hemp CBD is made with THC-Free certified hemp. This said, a lot of CBD is derived from plants with THC present. However, Emisha CBD is unique in that it is THC-Free Certified, ensuring your pets do not get high. 

How do the Emisha products differ from others?

All of our products contain THC-free, broad spectrum hemp oil. The hemp oil is manufactured in a pharmaceutical grade facility and is extracted using a process that does not involve harsh solvents that can degrade beneficial compounds.

What kind of testing/analysis is performed on your products?

Emisha products go through a series of rigorous testing by both in-house and third-party labs to assure purity and concentrations of cannabinoids. This includes testing to be sure that our products are completely free of THC. Emisha customers can request a copy for review. 

Has the FDA approved the ingredients in your products?

No, our products have not been submitted to the FDA for approval. However, in 2018, the FDA approved a hemp-based drug called Epidiolex for the treatment of some difficult-to-treat seizure disorders in children. There are numerous studies are underway on hemp effects on a wide variety of conditions. Please see our Resource section to learn more about current research and associated conditions. 

Will hemp oil show up on a drug test?
Nope. As drug tests look for phsychoative drugs, drug tests do not test for hemp. Hemp cannot produce a false positive on a test designed to look for THC. Emisha hemp is free of THC and will not negatively impact a drug test.
Are the hemp Oil Tinctures organic? Vegan?

Yes and yes. Emisha oil tinctures are made with organic farming practices and are vegan friendly.

What is your return policy?

Emisha offers a 30-day, money-back satisfaction guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the products, simply let us know by email at info@emishacbd.com or visit our Contact Us page and we are happy to refund the purchase.

I am interested in selling Emisha products. How can I sign up?

Great. Feel free to learn more here.

How does hemp work in pets?
It works the same way it works in people, by stimulating the endocannabinoid system to restore balance in the body, called homeostasis.
Is THC necessary for hemp to work?

No. There is research supporting the view that THC and hemp can sufficiently function without the other. Broad spectrum products that are THC-free but still have several other cannabinoids present are the most beneficial as the cannabinoids are able to complement each other’s individual effects.

Is THC safe to use in pets?

Emisha does not recommend giving THC to animals. Every species will experience different reactions to the compound. Dogs have been found to be highly sensitive to its psychoactive properties, while cats have been shown to be less susceptible. THC in larger animals like horses can be potentially dangerous to both the animal and owner, due to THC causing excessive excitement or positive drug tests.

Where are your products available for purchase?

Emisha products are available for you to order online at www.emishacbd.com



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