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Dogs can be your family’s best friend but it’s no secret some can get pretty worked up about many different things. Whether it’s a ringing doorbell or a ride in the C-A-R, sometimes your dog needs to calm down. There are many products and approaches that may help ease your dog from leaving an old sweater in their kennel for them to snuggle with or adding calming drops to their food. If you’re looking for the options to help soothe your dog, Emisha’s CBD dog snacks can be a natural approach to achieving calmness in your pack.  

Why Emisha is Different

Our K9 treats uses a veterinarian formula that provides 2 mg of CBD in each treat. These snacks are specifically made for your canine friends. We combine our premium hemp CBD with tasty, all-natural ingredients designed to become your dog’s new favorite treats. There is evidence to support that CBD oil is a safe, all-natural way to calm your dog’s nerves and to keep them more relaxed.

If you’re looking to wean your dog off of treats or you have a picky eater at home, our CBD oil tincture is the perfect solution to help calm the mind. This tincture allows you to administer drops either on top of daily food or give it to directly to the family pet!


Try Them Today!

If your dog has difficulties staying calm and you’re tired of overpriced treats and snacks that don’t do the trick, try Emisha’s calming K9 snacks today! We look forward to learning how your dog loves them and differences in demeanor. See what a difference our all-natural ingredients can make for your dog!

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