Epilepsy and seizures pose a difficult problem for dogs of all breeds and sizes that suffer with them. There’s nothing worse than being stuck watching your dog struggle with a seizure and feeling helpless and like there’s nothing you can do. In recent years studies have found that hemp CBD oil can aid as a neuroprotectant. 

Using CBD 

Recent studies show that unlike THC, CBD does not cause the “high” sensations. Knowing how sensitive dogs are with THC products, finding a CBD oil without it is a must.  

Emisha’s dog snacks come in a 2 mg pre-dosed chew that is bacon-cured flavor and synergistic ingredients like vitamin E and flax seed that combat inflammation. The hemp CBD used is certified THC-free so you can rest assured your pets receive a natural, yet tasty health enhancing treat.  

We also offer a CBD oil tincture. This allows you to administer drops either to your pet directly or on top of their daily food.

Try Them Today 

If your dog can benefit from a natural wellness options try our treats and watch them become your dog’s new favorite! 


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